SX21 Series - CPAK-P10 (360 Degree Holster)

This product is currently on backorder.

The CPAK- P10 is a revolutionary holster which enables the user to rotate the light 360 degrees with detented positioning.  This allows the user to achieve hands-free use of their light while repositioning for tactical advantage. The belt-clip is sizable from a 1” dress belt to a regulation fit 2.25”.  This holster also has a quick-disconnect feature allowing the entire unit and the light to be removed rapidly. The light and holster can be placed as one unit on flat surfaces without rolling away.

The light is retained into the CPAK holster by use of 2 rubber rollers which provide scratch-free, secure retention. Further retention can be achieved by use of a side lock bar. In the event of a panic-situation, the light still can be quickly removed from the holster even with the bar locked.

This holster is designed for lights with a main body with from .9” to 1.15”.  The CPAK-P10 is for lights with head bezels up to 1.45”.