OMNI-Dok II - 18650 Battery Charger Kit (4B)

This product is currently on backorder.

While we've sold out of the Extreme Beam battery chargers, the Olight OMNI-DOK II charger came highly recommended by some of our best customers.

18650s take only 4 hours to charge!

It's a universal rechargeable battery charger that will charge 18650, 17670, 16340, 14500 and RCR123A lithium batteries. It also charges AA/AAA NIMH batteries!

This charger has a number of built-in safety features:

-Auto shut off

-Reverse install warning

-Improper Battery install

-Non-rechargeable battery warning

-Short between positive port and negative port

This kit comes with 4 Olight 18650 batteries.

Extreme Beam flashlight compatibility: M4, M1000 and TAC24 lights only.