ALPHA-TAC Molle Hydra-Tac 2.5 L Hydration System

Unlike many hydration systems, the ALPHA-TAC Molle Hydra-TAC backpack was designed to carry lots of gear.

Made from dense heavy duty nylon, this pack comes with 20 molle loops for gear attachment and two large zipper pouches which can accommodate either additional hydration packs or safety, hiking and survival gear. It also features an additional wallet pocket located at the top and center for convenient storage and an expandable zippered section allows for convenient enlargement and shrinkage of the hydration area for a more balance feel.

The hydration tube of the Hydra-TAC is insulated to protect against freezing in cold climates and six vented pads along the back make for a comfortable fit against the spine for long journeys.

  • 2.5 L Bladder
  • Insulated Hydration Tube
  • 2 Large Zipper Pouches
  • Expandable Main Pocket