SX21R-M Ballistic

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With its shoulder protected tail-switch, The Fully Focusable Alpha-TAC SX21R-M Ballistic, is ExtremeBeam’s Toughest Extreme-Duty Tactical Light. With its high density aluminum construction, designed for the worst the battle-field has to offer, the SX21R-M Ballistic has quickly become the preferred model by all of its military, police, and Industrial patrons world-wide. The SX21R-M Ballistic was created specifically for full service military and rugged law enforcement applications, where unusually severe environmental conditions will be encountered. Simply put, the SX21R-M Ballistic was built to be the toughest most overbuilt Combat-Ready, Weapon-Mountable, Shock-Proof Ballistic-resistant Super-TAC light ever used by any soldier in any combat situation.

With its high-power white-hot-beam, the SX21R-M Ballistic shoots out a light to well over 308 meters or 1000 feet, and will easily light up the top of a 20 Story building on only 2 CR123 batteries. The SX21R-M Ballistic’s Anti-Recoil pin technology and Heavy-Duty compact design along with it’s variety of Anti-Recoil remote switching systems, make the SX21R-M Ballistic the perfect light for any weapon system, for any gun up to a .50cal Barret or down to a common 12 Gauge shot-gun. The run time on this amazing light is over 7 hours.


  • • One Mode of Output: On-Off
  • • Nylon Holster
  • • Focusable Beam – 6 to 1000 foot range
  • • Tactical Bezel
  • • Stealth Coated
  • • Attachable Lanyard
  • • 1 Stage Shoulder Protected Momentary Switch
  • • Remote Switches Available in 11” and 23”
  • • Waterproof up to 25 meters



  • • Weight(with battery) 158.3 Grams (5.58 ounces)
  • • Total Length: 141.50mm (5.57 inches)
  • • Head Bezel Width: 34.55mm (1.36 inches)
  • • Main Body Width: 25.9mm (1.02 inches)
  • • Average Run Time: 8 hours
  • • Light Performance: 25000LUX at 1 Meter
  • • Light Volume: 320 Lumens
  • • Light Projection: 308 Meters (1000 feet)
  • • Battery Type: 2, 3.0 to 3.6 volt CR123 batteries
  • • Reflector Finish: Mirror-like