XT8-M ProRanger Kit

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The Alpha-TAC XT8-M ProRanger is ExtremeBeam’s highly efficient Extremely Durable waterproof workhorse Super-Duty Tactical Light. With its unique built on belt/pocket clip, and blindingly bright white-hot precision-focused beam, the XT8-M ProRanger has quickly become a preferred tool among its Military and Law-Enforcement Patrons as well as Industrial workers and outdoor enthusiasts. Although the most compact of ExtremeBeam’s full-service tactical lights, the XT8-M ProRanger retains all of the Rugged Shock-resistant and Impact-resistant features of its larger relatives. From it Anti-Recoil Shock-Pin design to it nearly 4mm thick High Density Aluminum Alloy walls, The XT8-M ProRanger ranks among the toughest tactical lights ever produced in the history of the tactical lighting industry.

The XT8-M ProRanger can withstand the abuses expected on the battlefield, while still carrying the finesse and beauty fit to be carried by top-rank officers. The XT8 precision optical reflector along with its High-Output LED light-source, provide the XT8-M ProRanger with a hefty amount of extremely bright High-Definition lighting, shooting its beam out 850 feet, giving the operator the ability to illuminate objects well beyond traditional flashlights from other brands. The run time for the XT8 exceeds 7 hours and was designed to allow for ample warning time to hike back to base camp.

Package Contents:

  • • One Flashlight (operating voltage: 3.5-10 volts)
  • • Two Long-Life Extended-run CR123 Lithium Batteries
  • • One holster



  • • 1 Mode of Output: On-Off
  • • Light covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • • High Output LED for superior performance
  • • Impact resistant glass lens (will not melt like plastic/lexan lenses)
  • • Precision crafted optical reflector produces a powerful beam
  • • Extreme battery efficiency with extended run time
  • • O-ring sealed
  • • High Density Aluminum Build
  • • Shock-Resistant
  • • Impact-Resistant
  • • Water-Resistant
  • • Extreme Brightness



  • • Weight (with batteries): 159.4 Grams (5.62 ounces)
  • • Total Length: 137.20mm (5.4 inches)
  • • Head Bezel Width: 33.53mm (1.32 inches)
  • • Main Body Width: 25.04mm (.998 inches)
  • • Light Performance: 10,500LUX @ 1 Meter
  • • Light Volume: 302 Lumens
  • • Light Projection: 260 Meters (850 feet)
  • • Average Run Time: 8 hours
  • • Battery Type: 2. 3.0 to 3.6 volt CR123 batteries
  • • Reflector Finish: Orange Peel
  • • Waterproof to 20 Meters